Personalized meal services

All of my classes and lessons include a meal at the end—eating is always part of the lesson plan. However, sometimes you may prefer to enjoy your elegant meal without first spending the time to create it yourself.

Your personal chef

I'll prepare and cook healthful and delicious meals for you and your family, all in the comfort of your own home. This full service begins with a consultation about menu selection, to make sure I use only ingredients that accommodate your needs and wants. I bring all the needed food and equipment to your house, where I spend the day preparing the selection of dishes we agreed on, and package and store them for later use. I leave your kitchen at least as clean as I found it, with a fridge (and/or freezer) full of wonderfully prepared food, and lingering smells of fine home cooking.

My specialty is in generating a week's worth—or up to a month's worth—of meals, which you can then retrieve at your convenience from your freezer, using the simple reheating instructions I provide. We can make as many meals as your freezer will hold; a month's worth of meals will take more than one day of work.

Preferences and medical needs

Naturally your personalized meals will take into account the foods you particularly love (or don't). Some of my clients have enjoyed creating thematic meals centered around a couple of favorite ingredients, or colors of the rainbow, or cuisines of a particular culture—I have an especially wide repertoire of French, Italian, and Latvian cooking.

You may also have specific medical requirements, ranging from food allergies to a need for limited carbohydrates, or low salt, or restricted calories, or low glycemic index for diabetics. I am happy to work to any of these restrictions or others. I especially relish the challenge of accommodating more unusual medical constraints like impaired swallowing or a compromised immune system; I consider these not as barriers, but as interesting puzzles, and love being able to provide delicious gourmet meals for everyone.

I'm happy to provide sample menus for your particular requirements on request.